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Tsuyuhikari Sencha

This new organic sencha is made from the Tsuyuhikari cultivar.  Tsuyu translates to "dew" and Hikari translates to "light".  The name is an appropriate descriptor of the tea itself.  The leaves are an asamushi style (lightly steamed) so the color and intensity is smoother and less intense than other deep steamed senchas.  The flavor itself is full bodied and coats your entire mouth with a creamy mouthfeel and nourishing flavors of sweet, steamed edamame and soft sea mists.  

This is a great tea to bridge the gap for Japanese sencha lovers, as we await the 2022 harvests of Asatsuyu and Tamaryokucha.  

Process: Organic
Harvest: Spring 2021
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan 

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