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*Limited Offering* Matcha Harukasumi

This is a limited time offering that is available one month of the year.  We only have 40 canisters available this year!

Translating to "Spring Cloud", Harukasumi matcha is a perfect representation of spring time.  Suitable for usucha (thin tea) or koicha (thick tea), this tea is smooth and clean with a creamy mouthfeel, flowery high notes and a lingering cooling note that mimics a light breeze.  The intensity of the flavors can be adjusted by how much water you use, but it always yields an invigorating and refreshing cup with the perfect balance of bright overtones accenting its soothing, full bodied foundation.

Currently all of our ceremonial grade matcha offerings are produced and stone-ground by Marukyu Koyamaen, a family tea business that has been growing and producing tea in Uji for over 300 years.  

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