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Oolong Immersion Gift Set

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If you want to learn various ways tea producers enhance the sweet flavors of their tea, look no further.  These two oolongs are completely different styles and flavors, but each offers a unique steeping experience.  The Red Oolong is crafted in Taiwan and is plucked from bug-bitten leaves, bringing out a maple-sweetness. It is then heavily roasted until it offers an irresistible toasty, sweet, warm aroma.  The Milk Oolong is grown with a cultivar that is praised for its sweet cream-like aroma and very lightly oxidized.  It retains its floral notes after being steamed with milk and baked.  The result is an alluring tea that is both sweet, fresh and satisfying.  These two teas are wonderful to compare!

This set includes 2 oz. each of the Milk Oolong and the Red Oolong packed in the gift box shown.  Every part of the packaging is compostable.  Discounts are automatic when you buy multiples, and don't forget you can easily ship these to multiple friends at checkout!

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