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Lao Cong Shui Xian

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Grown in Wuyishan, this iconic high mountain oolong is a perfect addition to any tea lovers collection.  Yancha, or rock oolong, is unique in flavor for several reasons.  The tea buses grow between tall mountainous rocks that block out most of the sunlight, causing the leaves to grow very slowly.  This, in combination with the mineral rich soil allow the leaves to soak up more flavor through their roots and develop a depth in flavor that is sought after.  This farmer has been crafting Wuyi Yancha for over 60 years, and his skill is easily recognizable.

The name Lao Cong means "old bush" and Shui Xian means "narcissus".  True to its name, this tea offers a beautiful floral note that is subtle but pairs perfectly with the rich roasty notes of the firing.  Smooth and easy to drink, the age of the trees can felt as the flavor lingers deep in your throat after each sip.  The flavor opens in layers; at first warm heartwood, then ripe longan, with an after note of fresh paperwhites that cleanse the palate for the next sip.  

Harvest: Spring, 2021
Origin: Fujian, China

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