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Organic 2nd Flush Darjeeling

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This summer plucked Darjeeling brings a lot to the table.  Softer and sweeter than the Autumnal flush, this tea steeps a well rounded cup.  The aroma offers warm notes of cured tobacco and baked clay.  The liquor is full and complex, with sweet muscat grapes at the tip of the tongue with an underlying base of dark cacao.  The flavors complement each other perfectly and reveal a slight citrus hint that lingers long after each sip.  

Plucked right before the summer monsoons in June, the sweetness of the tea is dependent upon the arrival of thrips, small flies that bite the leaves.  The result is similar to that of bug-bitten teas in Taiwan and China, and increases the nectar-like flavors in the leaf.  

This tea comes from the Makiabari Estate, the world's first certified biodynamic, organic and fair-traded tea estate.  The business model of the estate centers on the involvement and input of everyone who works there, and each worker owns a small percentage of the operation.  Their innovative and progressive practices have made the estate a model for others to increase sustainability across all platforms.  

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