Smoked Heaven Needle *OUT OF STOCK*

An exceptional grade 1 pu-erh made in 2007.  This 8 year aged tea has developed a well-rounded medley of flavors that only intensifies the longer you steep it.  The leaves never get bitter and can be re-steeped several times.  The liquor is a deep auburn giving off rich aromas of peat, earth and wood.  The flavors are intense but not overbearing and have an underlying sweetness that lingers and fades to a soft toasty mouth feel.  The aroma and flavors bring to mind the memory of standing in a jungle, fresh and clean after a rain, with the dripping of leaves, saturated bark and steam rising from the moistened earth.  A truly delightful sipping experience.

Suggested Steeping:

  • 1 oz. per 6 oz. water
  • Full boil (212°F)
  • 4-6+ minutes

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