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Black Honey Rose *Limited*

Just in time to spread the love around!  We blended one of our most popular teas, the Black Honey Oolong, with dried rose petals.  The result is a sweet, floral, toasty and warm treat that is sure to turn up the heat.  

The leaves of the Black Honey Oolong are gorgeous, curled, first-flush tips from the Luye township in Southern Taiwan.  The aroma of the dry leaves is so sweet and intoxicating, but nothing compared to the steeped honey-like fragrance and flavor.  This tea is grown on a single organic farm run by a woman and her son.  The region is home to a type of bug called the leaf hopper, which bites the tea plants and sucks the nectar from the leaves, causing the fermentation process to begin while the leaves are still on the plants.  When these leaves are plucked and oxidized, the result is a naturally honey-like sweetness within the leaf.  

The addition of rose petals adds a hint of floral aroma that is enticing without becoming overpowering.  Steeped, it adds a soft and fresh note that is perfectly balanced with the roasted leaves of the tea.  

Harvest: Summer, 2020
Origin: Luye, Taiwan


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