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Ostfriesen Breakfast

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In Scandanavian legend, the hero Beowulf battled monsters in the bitter chill of East Frisia, an area bordering the North Sea and the Netherlands. Now, the monsters faced by Frisians are bitter winds and harsh winters. As a result, the tea consumption is over 5 lbs. per capita annually. For those who live here, tea is an all-through-the-day ritual, prepared strong with the addition of cream and a lump of rock sugar.

Our brisk, custom blend employs the tradition of using a 2nd flush Estate Assam with tea from Ceylon and China. The tea itself has a full-bodied malty quality with long-lasting finish. Traditionally, East Frisians never stir tea in the cup. It is meant to be enjoyed in 3 layers; the cream or “sky”, the tea or “water” and the sugar or “land”.

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