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Organic Saemidori Gyokuro

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This is the first year we are carrying this exceptional tea.  Gyokuro teas are shaded prior to picking to change the way the plant grows and the chemical makeup and flavor of the leaf.  The shading process forces the leaves to grow wider to catch the sunlight and increases the chlorophyll and catechins.  This process also decreases the tannins, making the tea less astringent and smoother to drink.  If you have tried our Tamaryokucha and Saemidori Sencha, this tea is like a marriage of the two.  

The tea first hit your palate with a creamy, dewy-sweet intro.  As the tea coats your mouth the flavor progresses, accentuating the savory, brothy umami notes.  The aftertaste is light and refreshing and lingers on the top of the mouth and in the throat, cooling and invigorating your palate.

We only have a limited amount and it will likely be gone soon.  

Harvest: 2021
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

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