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Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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We have two types of ceremonial-grade matcha.  Shohaku is best for making Usucha, (thin tea) while Kinrin is even smoother and can be used for Koicha (thich tea) or Usucha.  

Shohaku is a great everyday matcha that is excellent prepared traditionally and still has a slight tannin characteristic so it won't get lost if you add it to a latte or smoothie.  The color is vivid green with a deep seaweed-like base and bright grassy finish.  

The Kinrin is a velvety-smooth matcha with robust umami flavor and offers rich notes of steamed kombu and a light sweetness.  To prepare this as Koicha, use three times as much tea with less water and whisk with a chasen at least 200 times! 

Both of our matcha offerings are produced and stone-ground by Marukyu Koyamaen, a family tea business that has been growing and producing tea in Uji for over 300 years.  

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